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Experts predict Pushd to outperform Tron and Polygon

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Pushd (PUSHD) is gaining traction in 2024. Based on analyst projections, Pushd could challenge large-cap coins like Tron (TRX) and Polygon (MATIC), potentially outperforming them in terms of gains this year. 

What’s next for Polygon?

MATIC held its value relatively well during the crypto winter of 2022. 

However, it has since stagnated, losing 13% in the past year and trading at $0.86 when writing. 

While the upcoming Polygon 2.0 protocol may support prices, MATIC holders are diversifying their portfolios with projects like Pushd.

Will Tron recover?

Tron offers fast transaction processing and high throughput. 

However, despite surpassing a milestone of $1.2 trillion in stablecoin transactions, TRX remains stagnant, trading between $0.098 and $0.110 in the past month. 

Accordingly, some Tron holders are diversifying and exploring high-growth alternatives.

Pushd presale gains traction

Pushd has attracted over 13,000 investors within its first two weeks of presale launch, drawing participation from MATIC and TRX holders. 

The platform challenges the dominance of established eCommerce giants by creating a decentralized online marketplace with an intuitive user experience and advanced web3 technologies. 

Pushd aims to empower buyers and sellers, fostering a transparent and secure ecosystem. 

Their approach has gained significant traction, with its presale selling out multiple stages quickly. 

Market analysts anticipate a strong bull market after the Bitcoin halving in April and believe Pushd will outperform TRX and MATIC in 2024.

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