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Ether ETFs, DOGE Tesla payments, and Rollblock revenue share dominate headlines

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Several game-changing crypto announcements have been made over the last week. Firstly, the U.S. SEC hinted at the potential release of an Ethereum ETF, which has triggered a massive Ethereum (ETH) rally. 

Meanwhile, Tesla launched Dogecoin (DOGE) payments on its website, suggesting that Elon remains bullish about the meme coin. At the same time, Rollblock’s revenue share initiative has caught global attention, and experts are soaring to its presale to capitalize. 

Investors prepare for an Ethereum ETF

The U.S. SEC recently hinted at the release of an Ethereum ETF. This triggered a massive 20% price surge, pushing Ethereum above its $3,500 resistance zone. Currently, Ethereum is trading at $3,664, and ETH’s daily trading volume has surged by 243.51%. 

Since passing its former resistance at $3,500, Ethereum has met new resistance at $3,730. According to Coingabbar, if Ethereum passes $3,750, it could be on its way to $4,000. This would be Ethereum’s highest price since 2021 and could result in ETH hitting an all-time high later this year. 

That said, Ethereum’s price growth has slowed at $3,664. Therefore, the project could see a correction over the next week, though unlikely if we see ETF approval. 

Tesla enables Dogecoin payments

In a sudden turn of events, Tesla enabled Dogecoin payments on its website. This allows customers to purchase Tesla merchandise using Dogecoin, significantly increasing the project’s utility. 

Since this development, Dogecoin’s daily trading volume has increased by 124.62% to $1.94 billion, and its price has rallied 8.18% to $0.164. This rally suggests that investors are bullish about Dogecoin, and some experts believe that Dogecoin could reach $0.2 if the market continues to build bullish momentum. 

Rollblock dominates presale space with its revenue share 

Rollblock is expected to outperform Ethereum and Dogecoin in 2024. This innovative GambleFi protocol introduces a lucrative blockchain casino. As part of this casino, which is already operational and fully licensed, players can enjoy over 150 unique casino games, from slots to poker. 

The Rollblock casino will also introduce sports betting, covering major sports such as boxing, soccer, MMA, the NFL, and more. On the platform, users can deposit over 20 different cryptocurrencies to make bets, including ETH, BTC, and USDC. 

Rollblock’s star feature is its revenue share initiative, which is a great way for RBLK token holders to build a passive income. Rollblock will share up to 30% of its revenue with token holders by purchasing RBLK from the open market using its daily revenue. 

Through this initiative, millions of dollars worth of RBLK is expected to be purchased every month. Half of these tokens will be permanently burned, and the remaining half will be used for rewards, which will be paid weekly. 

Rollblock is currently in the second stage of its presale. After stage one sold out in record time, RBLK increased to $0.012, though this is just the start of its growth. By the end of its presale, experts believe that RBLK will rally a massive 720% from its starting price, making Rollblock a highly lucrative investment. 

Can Rollblock’s revenue share model take it mainstream?

Rollblock is a pioneer in the gambling industry. It’s one of the first projects to offer a DeFi casino that actively shares its revenue with token holders. 

As a result, experts believe that Rollblock could go mainstream. Once its presale is complete, industry analysts expect RBLK to surge an additional 50x. With this in mind, investors who get involved early could make huge returns. 

To learn more about this project, visit the Rollblock presale website or join the community.

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