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Dymension sees 55% surge within hours of mainnet debut

The newly launched modular blockchain token Dymension (DYM) saw a 55% spike shortly after the platform’s mainnet was initiated today.

The platform’s initial “genesis rolldrop” event has drawn considerable interest from the blockchain community, with participation from over a million unique wallets. Over 528,000 wallets received an airdrop of DYM tokens valued at approximately $390 million.

The initiative saw engagement from users across multiple ecosystems, including Solana, Celestia, and Ethereum scaling solutions like Arbitrum and Optimism, as well as from burgeoning networks such as Base and Blast.

This event follows the $527 million JUP airdrop by the decentralized exchange aggregator Jupiter on the Solana network, contributing to the escalating enthusiasm within the modular blockchain sector.

DYM started trading today on several major exchanges, including Kraken, starting at a price of around $4.50. Following the airdrop, Dymension’s trading volume soared over 7,000%, taking its price to $6.29. 

Dymension’s platform is designed to enable developers to create their own application chains, termed “RollApps”. The layer-1 blockchain solution leverages Cosmos technology and the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol and is designed for high interoperability with various blockchain networks.

This framework allows developers the flexibility to customize virtual machines and tokens to meet the unique needs of their applications.

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