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Donald Trump’s crypto portfolio exceeds $10 million

As of May 27, Former President Donald Trump’s crypto portfolio has surpassed $10 million.

Former U.S. President and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s crypto investments have been paying off. His on-chain crypto holdings have exceeded the $10 million mark. The surge was primarily driven by a rise in the value of the MAGA (TRUMP) meme coin.

According to data from ArkhamIntel, Trump’s holdings in $TRUMP alone are valued at $7.3 million, making up most of his crypto investments. Trump also holds over 463 Ethereum (ETH), currently valued at $1.8 million. Trump does not publicly own any Bitcoin (BTC).

The price of the TRUMP coin, a political meme coin based on Solana, has increased over 60% in the last seven days and currently rests at $12.40. 

Trump and crypto 

Trump has not shied away from expressing a pro-crypto sentiment during his most recent campaign trail. Historically, Trump has had a mixed stance on cryptocurrency. In 2019, he expressed skepticism about Bitcoin, calling it “highly volatile.”

However, during this election cycle, Trump said he would embrace crypto in his next presidential term. “Crypto is moving out of the U.S. because of hostility toward it. I don’t want that. If we are going to embrace it, we will have to let them be here,” he said in a recent rally.

On May 21, The Trump campaign introduced a fundraising page that accepts donations in any cryptocurrency available on the Coinbase platform.

Most recently, on May 26, Trump announced his intention to support the appeal of Ross Ulbricht’s conviction. Ulbricht founded the infamous online marketplace, Silk Road, which was dismantled in 2013.