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Chainlink and Solana holders diversifying into streaming platform

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Many regret not investing in Bitcoin (BTC) earlier on. Presently, altcoins, especially DeeStream (DST), are being monitored by Chainlink (LINK) and Solana (SOL) holders.

Chainlink is under pressure

Chainlink is up 3% in the past day, expanding with falling trading volume.

With trading volume down by 30%, it suggests that there has been a shift in market dynamics, possibly hinting at sellers.

Solana’s outlook

Solana is down by 6% in the past month. 

Although it rose to $106.87 on Jan. 11, the coin crashed to $79.96 on Jan.23. 

Prices have since recovered by 20%, but the downtrend remains.

DeeStream’s potential

Given recent trends in the price movements and market characteristics of Chainlink and Solana, investors are exploring options to diversify their portfolios and invest in blockchain projects like DeeStream

DeeStream is a new decentralized streaming platform that offers a first-mover advantage in a market projected to reach a valuation of $247 billion by 2027. It competes with traditional alternatives like Twitch and YouTube.

Streamers on the platform can enjoy benefits such as instant deposits and withdrawals. They can earn income through gifted subs, Dee gifts, and packages.

DST is trading at $0.035 in the current presale stage. 

All presale investors are entitled to a revenue share for as long as they hold DST. 

Token holders also get to participate in the decision-making processes and submit proposals on what can be added and changed within the platform.

While Chainlink and Solana metrics might recover, investors can consider resilient options like DeeStream, whose DST presale is in progress.

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