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Chainlink, Aave poised to make the list

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Chainlink and Aave show potential for a price surge, while new memecoin Angry Pepe Fork launches with strong community support.

Although Bitcoin has not made any major activity in the past few weeks, the crypto market is ever filled with opportunities for those who know where and how to find it. From time to time, different top altcoins exhibit bullish tendencies, allowing investors to decide the best coins to buy.

This week, Chainlink (LINK) token and Aave (AAVE) token have seen developments that are pointing at a possible price surge. Meanwhile, a new sensational meme coin, Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) just launched in the presale market, brimming with a strong potential and unshakable purpose to enrich the entire memecoin space.

Angry Pepe Fork hyper platform to rank among top memecoins

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) is a community presale memecoin bringing a “Conquer to Earn” mechanism that is poised to change the memecoin space. According to the project whitepaper, this token is not just a memecoin; it’s a movement set to attract a majority of the memecoin enthusiasts as it spreads a strong communal motive of taking out all lagging memecoins in hopes to rank at the top. Its incorporation of play-to-earn attribute makes it a more appealing choice among other memecoins.

Moreover, Angry Pepe Fork was launched on the Solana network which is known for shipping some of the most sought-after memecoins. But more importantly, APORK is expected to utilize the fast and scalable blockchain of Solana to rapidly garner market adoption. Among other things, Angry Pepe Fork allows users to stake, by locking in their APORK for set periods (ranging from 30 to 60, or 90 days). 

The longer the lock-in period and the more “zombie memecoins” they conquer, the higher the APY and rewards they earn. This is happening live now even while in its presale. Meanwhile, the native APORK tokens are currently sold at $0.014 in its initial presale stage, thereby drawing a majority of onlookers from the memecoin and broader altcoin market.

To further enlarge its dominance and appeal in the crypto market, the team behind Angry Pepe Fork are  working toward securing partnerships to add more utility appeal for the APORK token. While this could make it even more attractive, it could rank Angry Pepe Fork among leading cryptos before Q3. Besides, the platform is already predicted by experts to grow 350% higher when it starts listing in top exchanges.

Aave’s new developments secure its place among top altcoins

Aave (AAVE) token is currently making gradual and yet steady progress in the defi market. However, the platform has announced its intention to launch their own Layer 2 solution, ‘Aave Network’, after implementing their v4 upgrade. As said by the CEO of Aave Labs, Stani Kuchelov, this move is expected to make transactions faster and cheaper, thereby improving user experience. 

This recent update has positioned Aave among top altcoins to buy right now as CoinGecko ranks its bullish rating as 100%. Aave Network is expected to bring in more users and money, making Aave even stronger and more dominant in the defi sector. This can further improve its investment significantly.

ChainLink’s Swift collaboration boosts its standing 

The price of Chainlink (LINK) token recently took a quick and upward movement totaling 6%, just after it was announced that the platform will be presenting alongside international payments platform Swift at the Consensys conference this week. Due to this recent partnership, Chainlink blockchain technology will stand out even more as a cutting-edge oracle solution.

Bringing positive sentiment and a bullish rating of 86%, Chainlink token is now considered one of the top altcoins to invest in. Moreso, its partnerships and real-world use cases are driving its value and adoption, making it an appealing investment for those interested in innovative blockchain projects with strong growth potential.

What is the conquer to earn mechanism?

“Conquer to Earn” is a special feature that enables members of the Angry Pepe Fork community to receive extra rewards and APORK tokens by assisting Angry Pepe Fork in overtaking other memecoins on the blockchain.

To learn more, visit Angry Pepe Fork presale.

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