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Bullish July predicted for ETH; these ERC-20 memecoins set to skyrocket

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Popular analyst Captain Faibik forecasts a bullish July for Ethereum, with ERC-20 meme coins including KangaMoon expected to surge significantly.

In an earlier X post by Captain Faibik, the popular crypto analyst hinted at an extremely bullish July for Ethereum (ETH) coin. As expected, Ethereum is positioned for more bulls due to its long consolidation and its upcoming rally together with Bitcoin. 

However, Faibik speculations hint that Ethereum’s bull run will begin sooner. In lieu of the possibility of this, KangaMoon (KANG) and Pepe (PEPE) coins are standing as the memecoins ready to take off with Ethereum this year. KangaMoon particularly shows a higher potential to rank as top bullish altcoins to buy as it just rounded up presale.

Ethereum token gains positive sentiment for q3

Ethereum (ETH) coin is getting set for a bullish run this year and while it’s difficult to predict precisely when this positivity will occur, several analysts have hinted that ETH rise will occur in Q3. Captain Faibik, a popular analyst particularly posted on X (formerly twitter) that Ethereum will likely take a bullish position in July. 

While fans and investors watch closely, most are optimistic about this speculation considering the ETH ETFs that were approved this year and the expected rise that Ethereum would see when Bitcoin finally assumes a spiking momentum. All in all, Ethereum still stands as the one of the highest and most valued altcoins to buy for gains this year.

KangaMoon sets for BitMart and MEXC listing as its presale ends

KangaMoon (KANG) has had an amazing presale run so far and is expected to maintain its momentum to become one of the top memecoins to buy this year. Starting from a meager price of $0.005, KangaMoon token has increased by over 400% in its presale as its price has risen to $0.025. The platform has also done well by raising over $8 million as presale revenue, sparking interest in its potential, from big investors.

To be clear, KangaMoon is a unique GameFi meme token, blending SocialFi features to keep users engaged in its lucrative Kangaverse platform. Activities that go on in this platform include battles and competitions between users with KANG avatars, betting on battle outcomes, staking, and also completing quests for valuable rewards.

Now that KangaMoon’s presale is sold out, there’s a chance for more growth as it will officially launch fully on the GameFi market, followed by its listing on more exchange platforms like MEXC and BitMart.

Meanwhile, KangaMoon has already been listed on Uniswap, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. With more listings, analysts are predicting that KangaMoon will see an additional 35x growth and up to 50x before July ends. This moment presents a perfect entry point to invest in KangaMoon token before it starts realizing post-presale gains.

With its unique play-to-earn mechanism, KangaMoon has been able to pull in over 10,000 token holders and over 32,000 community members. The platform ran a token giveaway in its presale for members who actively contribute to its publicity but there’s even more to come when it launches its platform live. KangaMoon’s lucrative and earning potential is why experts are predicting this token as one of the best new memecoins for huge crypto profits in Q3 and Q4.

Pepe Coin: The ERC-20 memecoin with the highest bullish sentiment

The memecoin market saw a huge amount of influx this year and Pepe (PEPE) coin was among one of the top memecoins that incited this positivity. With over 600% rise since the start of the year, Pepe was able to gain much more traction this year, increasing his TVL and market cap to record highs of $1.2 million and $6.9B respectively.

Additionally, Pepe coin was able to break its ATH three times this year, with the last ATH happening about a month ago. At the moment, Pepe is attempting to recover from a brief bearish trend but experts are sure it can surpass its ATH again this year.

Can KangaMoon outpace PEPE coin and reach $1 this year?

The chances of KangaMoon hitting $1 this year is very high as the token already experienced over 400% growth throughout its presale and initial listings in the altcoin market. As we enter Q3, the token is expected to gradually build momentum and possibly price over $1 by Q4.

For more information, visit the Kangamoon website or follow the project on Telegram.

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