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Bitcoin Marks Seven Consecutive Red Candles, Paints Gruesome Picture For Market

Bitcoin has now entered perhaps one of its most bearish periods ever. The cryptocurrency which has held up quite nicely through all of the market scandals is seeing even more bad news ahead. Previously, it has seen a good number of consecutively red closes that have solidified its entrance into a bear market. However, this time around, it seems that the digital asset is ready to set another record, but this time for the worse.

Seven Red Candles

Anyone that has been following the market recently knows that Bitcoin has been seeing multiple consecutive red closes. This has not been a cause for alarm though since the digital asset has a history of marking bearish trends like these and still coming out on top. But this would prove to be a trend like no other after the cryptocurrency had seen its 7th consecutive red close.

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This would make it the first time in history that bitcoin is marking such a trend. However, what is even more important is what seven consecutive red candles mean for the cryptocurrency. With the digital asset still being a seller’s market, a close like this could trigger even more sell-offs as investors worry about the future of the coin in the short term.

Furthermore, with so many red candles showing on the charts, it could indicate that there is more downtrend left to follow. An example of this was marked in the 2014 bear market that saw bitcoin record four consecutive red closes. What had followed was a single green close that would prove to give way to an even more brutal downtrend. Now, if bitcoin were to mirror this move from 2014, then another plunge below $30,000 may be imminent.

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Not All Bad News For Bitcoin

While seven consecutive red closes can often paint a bearish picture, this is not always the case. It is well-known that the digital asset can record the most bearish patterns right before recovery. Oftentimes, a tremendous recovery.

An example of this was in August of 2018 when the market had marked six consecutive red closes. Since the market had been in a stretched-out bear market at that point, it was assumed that what would follow this could only be more losses. However, this would prove to not be the case as the digital asset had gone on to record five consecutive green closes.

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Now, this was not the start of the next bull market but it showed that as much as these trends can signify more downtrends to come, they can also be a precursor of a good recovery. Expectations for bitcoin this time around are great as the digital asset has been able to now break above $30,000, although it has trouble maintaining its position above this point.

The price of BTC is trending around $29,600 at the time of this writing. This puts it slightly above its 5-day simple moving average but continues to show bearish trends across other indicators.

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