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Analyzing Raboo’s prospects following SHIB and BTC’s performance

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Raboo offers the potential for significant returns as the latest memecoin, following the success of Shiba Inu and Bitcoin.

The crypto market in the last few years has been quite magnificent, especially regarding the investments such as Shiba Inu and Bitcoin. Shiba Inu which even though started as a joke saw its worth increase and some of those who bought the token during its initial days became millionaires within the shortest time possible. Bitcoin, the first decentralized digital currency apart from the other new digital currencies, also witnessed steep growth establishing itself as one of the pillars of digitized currency.

However, many investors failed to participate in these giant pumps whether deliberately or inadvertently leaving them asking when the next big pump is going to take place. In this regard, Raboo emerges as an interesting choice. Analysts believe that it will increase by 100x in the year 2024.

The phenomenal rise of Shiba Inu and Bitcoin

Shiba Inu, also known as the “Dogecoin Killer,” launched as a joke and turned into a financial phenomenon in 2021. Since its launch, the coin has incredibly pumped and gained over 1,900,000% making its holders millionaires. Several factors led to the tremendous percentage increase of Shiba Inu.

One of them was the influence of a more substantial and committed community. The self-called Shib Army supported the coin and established trending topics on Twitter and Reddit. Also, Shiba Inu hails itself the memecoin, capitalizing on the wave created by Doge after its first hype.

The same trends were also observed in Bitcoin as well, with it also rising steeply. Developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Bitcoin was merely an experiment that was on the periphery of actual finance. The most evident benefit cited more often, is that Bitcoin boasts a huge appreciable value that has increased from mere cents to almost $69000 at the time of this writing. 

However, the factors that helped push Bitcoin to stardom are numerous. At first, it emerged as a monetary transaction medium that aimed to empower users with fast, safe, and uncontrolled digital assets. But when people began to trust the technology that was being used to implement those ideas, Bitcoin gained popularity. The growth of Bitcoin is also due to institutional investors who have invested heavily in the technological asset. Thus, Tesla and MicroStrategy have adopted BTC as the main currency for their operations, while such financial goliaths as Fidelity and Paypal have integrated Bitcoin services into their mainstream. 

Raboo readies for massive surge

Despite the missed early investment opportunities in Shiba Inu and Bitcoin, Raboo now offers a new potential. Raboo is the latest memecoin making waves in the crypto community, and analysts are predicting it will deliver 100x returns after its launch this year.

Analysts are tipping Raboo for a massive surge, thanks to its unique features and strong community backing. With its presale already bringing over $1.5 million, now is the perfect time for investors to position themselves for significant returns.

By investing early, investors can get in on the ground floor at the price of $0.0042 per token. This low entry price, coupled with Raboo’s potential for exponential growth, makes it an attractive investment for those looking to capitalize on the next big memecoin.


Although many missed the opportunity to invest in Shiba Inu or Bitcoin early on, Raboo presents a new possibility. Analysts predict Raboo could deliver significant returns following its launch. The ongoing presale offers tokens at a low price, potentially leading to substantial future gains.

Users can participate in the Raboo presale here. Reach out on Telegram or Twitter.

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