Thursday, June 1, 2023

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UK Neobank Monzo Attains First-Time Monthly Profitability Following Lending Surge

Monzo hit profitability after its lending volume for the period ending February 2023 ballooned to £759.7 million. British neoba...

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Pixel Penguins Scam and Ensuing Drama Shows Danger of Trusting CT Influencers

As rumors intensified, pseudonymous crypto sleuth ZachXBT shared ETH addresses linked to the Pixel Penguin NFT collection, showing that the contract had amassed nearly 61.6 ETH, or about $11

PepeCoin (PEPE) price action points to a potential 70% drop

Pepe (PEPE) price has dropped by more than 70% three weeks after establishing its record high of $0.00000449. And the memecoin could fall even more in the coming days, according to a mix of

Multichain team cannot locate CEO, halts service for affected chains

Cross-chain protocol Multichain revealed on May 31 that its team has been unable to contact its CEO, Zhaojun, fueling rumors that the protocol’s leadership may have been arrested in China am

Tether expands reach in Georgia through investment in

​​Stablecoin issuer Tether announced on May 31 that it is expanding its presence in the Republic of Georgia through a strategic investment in, a payment processing company that op

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