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Tradingview And Monarch Token To Support NASCAR Racers

US-based professional stock car racing team, Rick Ware Racing (RWR) has announced that Monarch Token has partnered with TradingView to support the team. Monarch Token is a leading cryptocurrency platform offering crypto-to-fiat payment solutions and TradingView is a social trading network.

In the new agreement, the two companies will jointly sponsor RWR’s No. 51 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 in the upcoming Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race that will take place in Bristol.

The NASCAR Cup Series

Renowned professional car racer, Reed Sorenson will be behind the wheels in the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 that was launched recently. It will be the first such event for RWR.

This partnership and indeed the whole event is a big milestone in the role of cryptocurrencies to the sports and entertainment industries. TradingView is a leading player in the financial industry and mainly facilitates traders exchange information about forex markets, futures and stocks. The platform also offers information on Bitcoin and USD trades. This social trading platform was developed so as to make the financial industry and the currency market more accessible by allowing the free flow of information. The platform was developed to serve both new and professional investors. Currently, TradingView has around 7 million subscribers who actively participate on the platform. The platform has attracted a lot of crypto traders since its inception.

Creating a data of financial information

Apart from facilitating exchange of information, the platform has condensed volumes of trading information from more than 50 leading stock exchanges around the world. Additionally, the platform has consolidated trading information and analysis from around 30 different digital currency exchanges.

Since TradingView started adding crypto data, the platform has reported a 200% increase in subscription. The company will be taking part in the upcoming Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and this will be its first time at the competition.

In a statement, RWR principal, Rick Ware said they are happy with the support they are getting following the entry of TradingView and Monarch Token. He noted that the team has a history of partnering with other companies that have interest in the sport.

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