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Top Coins Today | Tezos and DigixDAO Lead the Pack

According to, there are two top coins today.

In the top 100, leading the pack and standing out for their double-digit gains are Tezos and DigixDAO.

In 24 hours, both coins have increased almost 17%. So what’s going on with these two?

Top Coins: Tezos and DigixDAO

This morning, Tezos began listing on European exchange Kraken. The news has seen the coin increase nearly 17% in the 24-hour period.

That is some gain.

The 18th largest coin by market cap, Tezos (XTZ), began trading at 11:00 ET.

To allay any user confusion, XTZ is available on the old and new Kraken platforms.

The Positives of Listing on Kraken

There are some very big positives to come from listing on Kraken. Firstly, Kraken is a fully legalized exchange that adheres to the recently updated European financial regulations. Now that Tezos lists here, the coin will, by association, be considered a more reliable asset.

Kraken is also the oldest exchange, with a modest trading volume and a loyal and established trader base.

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The exchange also offers a fiat off-ramp for Tether (USDT) trading and is the only European exchange to do so.

Following the news, Tezos upped its pace with trading volumes above $4 million in 24 hours.

The coin has moved between modest highs, and it hit its lowest mark of $1.14 last month. As such, XTZ is a relatively underestimated asset, and still has a market cap below $1 billion.

Top Coins: DigixDAO, but What’s Going on?

Another coin seeing gains today (at the time of writing) is DigixDAO, which began another bullish run yesterday and hasn’t stopped. Earlier today, the coin hit its all-time high of $49.70, and though it has since lost some of those gains, it remains up 16.78% in the 24 hour period. But why?

Interestingly, there appears to be no exact catalyst for this momentum.

No announcement has been made by the company, but interest is growing in DigixDAO. Most of the trading volume is coming from Binance, though, where DGD can be exchanged with ETH and BTC. Perhaps that has something to do with the gain.

So there you have today’s top coins! Will they remain in the green?

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