Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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Brussels to Spur Rollout of Instant Payments in Euro, Proposes Legislation – Regulation Bitcoin News

The European Commission has approved a proposal to accelerate the introduction of euro instant payments. The technology is there and Europeans should be able to send and receive money immediately, the executive body said, revealing its intentions to push the industry toward wide adoption. EU Moves to Make Instant Payments

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Analysts Say an Onslaught of Fed Rate Hikes Could Spur a ‘Bond Market Flash Crash’ or ‘Blow up the Treasury’ – Economics Bitcoin News

The U.S. economy has been struggling with inflation running rampant and investors are eagerly waiting for the U.S. Federal Reserve to announce the next federal funds rate hike next month. Harris Kupperman, the founder of the hedge fund Praetorian Capital, believes the onslaught of Fed rate hikes could very well

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