Friday, June 2, 2023
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‘World War III Has Begun,’ Says Gerald Celente; Plus, Long-Term BTC Predictions and Scorching US Inflation — News Week in Review – The Weekly Bitcoin News

Trend forecaster Gerald Celente told News that “World War III has begun,” weighing in on Covid-19, crypto, the Great Reset, and gold in an exclusive interview. Jordan Belfort, aka the Wolf of Wall Street, talked long-term BTC investing, as scorching inflation in the U.S. continues to plague Americans, though

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Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente Says World War 3 Has Begun — ‘If the People Don’t Unite for Peace, We Are Finished’ – Interview Bitcoin News

This week News spoke with Gerald Celente, the popular trends forecaster, and publisher of the Trends Journal. During a telephone conversation, Celente discussed the uncertainty surrounding the global economy after governments worldwide locked down the world’s citizens over the Covid-19 pandemic, shut down businesses and injected trillions into the

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