Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Nigeria CBDC adoption spikes as fiat currency shortage grip the nation

Nearly 18 months after launching its in-house central bank digital currency (CBDC), eNaira, Nigeria witnessed its massive adoption as national fiat reverses face severe shortages. The acute cash shortage in Nigeria was due to the central bank’s decision to replace older bank notes with bigger denominations amid rising inflation. While developing

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Former Age of Empires producer talks blockchain game adoption and GameFi

The crypto ecosystem has spent over a decade proving it can disrupt the status quo as crypto and blockchain technologies like cryptocurrencies, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain-based games go head-to-head against their mainstream counterparts.While Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to shoulder its way closer to mainstream adoption, the same cannot be

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Absorb for adoption — How infamous 30% Apple cut affects iOS NFT apps

Apple’s continued enforcement of in-app purchases to sell services remains a trade-off for NFT applications looking to tap into the convenience of streamlined in-app purchases for iPhone users and a massive user base around the world.As previously reported, Apple maintains strict rules for nonfungible token (NFT) apps, enforcing a 30%

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5 countries leading the blockchain adoption

Countries lead blockchain adoption for various reasons, including recognizing its potential to transform multiple sectors of the economy, promoting innovation and economic growth, and creating a favorable regulatory environment to attract blockchain businesses.Types of blockchain communities that lead blockchain adoptionBlockchain communities refer to groups of individuals, organizations and companies involved

Read More Launches Visa Crypto Debit Card in Europe amid Mainstream Crypto Adoption

The parent company of has partnered with electronic payment facilitator Visa to introduce a crypto card to users in Europe.  Crypto exchange is launching a crypto debit card, in conjunction with payment processing giant Visa (NYSE: V), for European users. According to reports,’s parent company Gate Group plans

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ERC-4337 launched to drive adoption, Arbitrum CTO talks about layer-2 scaling

Per recent updates, the ETH Denver event is in progress with even more announcements and features being released to the crypto community.  ERC-4337 launched Ethereum has for years supported three different iterations of smart contracts, that is, ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155. However, at this year’s ETH Denver, a new class of ERC-20 tokens was

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Nigeria Picks Bola Tinubu as New President Amid Protests Over Cash Shortages, Low eNaira Adoption

The Central Bank of Nigeria, under Buhari’s administration, issued a digital naira in October 2021 to encourage electronic payments and rival the adoption of private cryptocurrencies in the country. Nigeria’s tech-savvy, young population made the nation one of the fastest crypto adopters in the world, despite attempts by the government

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‘Metaverse’ Term Creator Neal Stephenson Not Bullish About Massive Adoption of Virtual Worlds – Metaverse Bitcoin News

Neal Stephenson, ostensibly the first to coin the term “metaverse,” issued his opinion about the future of the adoption of virtual worlds. The sci-fi writer and co-founder of Lamina1, a blockchain metaverse company, believes that building experiences that millions of people consider worth having in virtual worlds is quite difficult,

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