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Nexign & Bubbletone To Develop Blockchain-Based Business Support System

Nexign & Bubbletone recently joined hands to develop first blockchain-based business support system (BSS) solution for the telecommunication industry. Together the two companies aspire to build a global marketplace for the telecom sector so that the operators in the field can use blockchain to collaborate. With the help of teamwork, they can individually determine volumes and qualities they can offer to the end users. It is an option that never existed before.

New Business Support System to Facilitate Seamless and Secure Exchange

The new business support system developed by Nexign and Bubbletone will facilitate seamless and secure financial and identity information exchange between phone users, mobile network operators, and service providers. This solution will also help the roaming users to purchase service packages instantly at the rates of local operator simply using their current SIM card.

In return, the operators will receive the benefit of blockchain embedded BSS that will increase the efficiency of their operations via seamless and rapid joining with the platform of Bubbletone. Once the operators become a part of the platform, they will expand their customer bases which could ultimately lead to an increase in revenue through value-added digital services distribution without having to pay any extra money.

According to the Founder and CEO of Bubbletone blockchain, Yuri Morozov, “The idea behind this project is to attract as many mobile operators as possible to the Bubbletone ecosystem and show them how easily they can take full advantage of blockchain technology and get direct access to the international telecom market in the digital economy era.”

Research and Markets stated that blockchain technology will grow in the telecom market at around 84.4% every year in between 2018-2023. The research says that increasing support for OSS/BSS processes will stimulate this massive growth of blockchain in the telecom market.

Nexign consistently creating unique solutions for telecoms

While talking about the blockchain-based business support system, the chief products, and marketing officer of Nexign, Loukas Tzitzis said that in the past 26 years, through his company’s focus on business-driven and customer-centric innovation, the company could consistently provide unique solutions to the telecommunication industry.

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