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Kraken Considers Nuclear Energy to Power Data Centers

Kraken, the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, is exploring the use of nuclear energy as a power source for its data centers. This move comes amidst an anticipated surge in decentralized finance and growing demand for its services.

Kraken Exploring Nuclear Power Solutions

Kraken’s chief technical officer, Vishnu Patankar, revealed in an exclusive interview with CryptoX that the company is looking into partnerships with energy providers capable of supplying small modular reactors. These reactors, which can be co-located with data centers, offer a solution that is not constrained by space or weather conditions.

“With institutions moving into the crypto asset class and activity moving on-chain, the need for reliable fiat onramps continues to grow,” Patankar explained. “Bolstering our energy resiliency means we strengthen a direct avenue into the crypto ecosystem, supporting its continued growth.”

Addressing Energy Demands

The surge in demand from artificial intelligence and high-performance computing firms has highlighted the need for stable power supplies. Kraken is investigating nuclear power options in North America and Europe to secure its energy needs in response to this growing demand.

“Crypto’s round-the-clock and global nature means Kraken needs a constant supply of energy, particularly as we facilitate a larger proportion of global trading volumes,” Patankar stated. The 24/7 operation of the cryptocurrency market necessitates a reliable and scalable energy solution.

Industry Trends and Future Outlook

The exploration of nuclear energy is part of a broader trend among tech companies seeking reliable power sources for data centers. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that firms, including Amazon Web Services, are negotiating contracts with nuclear plants to meet their energy needs. This trend reflects the increasing power demands of AI and other tech industries.

Core Scientific (NASDAQ:CORZ), for instance, recently signed a deal with AI firm CoreWeave to supply infrastructure. Patankar emphasized that a nuclear backup would enable Kraken to continue operations during major local energy disruptions, adding redundancy and enhancing energy resiliency.

Anticipated DeFi Boom

Kraken is preparing for a significant increase in energy needs due to the expected boom in DeFi. The firm anticipates that its energy requirements could become exponentially higher as the crypto market expands.

While a final decision has not been made, Patankar confirmed that nuclear power is a strong contender. Alternatives like wind and solar energy present challenges due to their dependency on weather conditions and energy storage limitations.

Environmental Considerations

The cryptocurrency industry has faced criticism for its high energy consumption, particularly with proof-of-stake blockchains like Bitcoin. Although nuclear energy also has a negative perception for different reasons, it could be a more environmentally friendly solution. Any excess energy generated by reactors could be used to power cooling systems for data centers.

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