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Bonk and Myro Whales Cash In Big as Raboo Set to Join the Boom

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Raboo’s price soars by 40%, and experts predict it could reach 100x before the presale ends.

Crypto prices have bounced back up recently, pushing investors’ excitement to new crescendo levels. As a result, several crypto whales have seized the opportunity to cash in on Bonk and Myro, but the spotlight is shifting to Raboo. 

Raboo is an avant-garde project set to cause a stir in the memecoin niche. It has caught the attention of serious investors, having raised an impressive $1.5 million from a thriving community. It is currently in presale, with experts predicting early investor gains over 100x. 

The BONK price rally persists, but the end may be near

BONK is one of the famous dog-themed meme coins on Solana. It has developed a decent fanbase following its launch on Christmas Day 2022. However, no one foresaw the strong rally it has made over the last six months. 

The BONK price picked up towards the end of 2023 and rode the bullish wave generated by the Bitcoin halving. And despite going through some troughs, Bonk has generally been on the ascendancy. 

In the past week, the BONK price had appreciated 13%, but there has been a sharp decline over the last couple of days. A corresponding increase in trading volume suggests crypto whales could be cashing in on BONK. Should the trend continue, it might herald the end of the coin’s rally. 

Crypto whales cash in on Myro 

Evidence also suggests crypto whales are cashing in on Myro, another meme coin on Solana. 

Since February 2024, Myro has been steadily on an upward trajectory. MYRO hit an all-time high in March, and despite a significant drop in mid-April, it has been doing nicely. In the last month, MYRO rose 90% and by 30% on the weekly chart. 

However, with a corresponding increase in trading volume suggests crypto whales are cashing in on the coin. As with BONK, this could put an end to Myro’s meteoric rally. 

Experts predict rapid Raboo presale boom

Raboo positions itself as the next top memecoin as it fosters a strong community of meme enthusiasts. Apart from keying into meme culture, it brandishes unique technology and incorporates modern crypto concepts and ideas. The end result is a hub of meme enthusiasts competing in fun-filled meme-generating activities to earn rewards and win prizes. 

Unsurprisingly, crypto enthusiasts have been overwhelmingly receptive to this unique feature. Raboo has over 6,800 Registered users, and RABT holders number several thousand, and the presale, now in stage 3, is attracting more investors. 

RABT’s price has appreciated 40% to $0.0042 during the presale already, and experts predict a 100x gain before it ends. Considering its moon potential, there’s a chance RABT will outperform this forecast and surpass both BONK and MYRO. 


The BONK price and MYRO may have rallied remarkablely this year, but investors are showing positive interest in Raboo today. That’s because crypto whales are already cashing in on those coins and opting for RABT. The presale is in stage 3 and has appreciated 40%, and early investors look forward to 100x gains before it ends. 

For more information, visit Raboo’s presale website, or join the X community.

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