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Bitcoin & Solana see light wobble following Rollblock’s ICO launch

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Bitcoin and Solana correct after highs; Bitcoin’s halving anticipated to rally despite bearish pressure, while Rollblock presale gains traction as a potential 30x token by 2024.

Bitcoin and Solana have both faced corrections over the last month; this follows a quarter of price increases during which Bitcoin hit an all-time high. With Bitcoin’s halving on the way, experts believe BTC will rally, though with increased bearish pressure, while Solana could continue to decline. With this in mind, Rollblock is gaining traction among investors, an igaming provider that is currently in stage one of its presale. Rollblock offers many benefits and a revenue share feature investors believe Rollblock could be the next 30x token in 2024.

Speculations surround Solana potentially dipping below $100

Solana has been one of the worst-hit cryptocurrencies during the recent market correction. After reaching $202, Solana faced extreme resistance, followed by several issues within its ecosystem. These included problems with network congestion and social media conflict between the founders of two Solana-based projects. 

These events have caused Solana’s value to plummet by almost 30%. At the time of writing, Solana was trading at $133.87, having faced an additional 23% decline over the last week. Its daily trading volume had also fallen to $4.8 billion, causing Solana to fall out of the top 5 ranked cryptocurrencies by daily trading volume. 

Bitcoin’s performance earns recognition

In a recent interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Anthony Pompliano praised Bitcoin’s recent performance. Despite its recent price decline, Pompliano highlighted that Bitcoin is doing very well. He outlined that years ago, it was a dream for Bitcoin to reach $64,000. 

Having hit an all-time high of $73,750, Bitcoin has completely exceeded expectations. Pompliano further highlighted that Bitcoin is up over 800% over the last four years, demonstrating its potential as one of the most promising assets globally. 

Throughout the interview, Pompliano emphasized that Bitcoin has significantly outperformed many of the world’s top assets, highlighting that gold is up just 7% over the last year.

Rollblock launches its ICO 

Rollblock is an innovative DeFi igaming provider pioneering blockchain developments in the online gaming market. Rollblock recently launched its ICO and has caught the attention of investors with its unique features and innovative approach to online gaming. The project offers over 100 different games for users to enjoy, these include table games such as blackjack, Texas hold-em, roulette, and more. Each game is supported by blockchain technology, allowing the use of cryptocurrency while also guaranteeing high levels of security. 

Unlike other casinos, Rollblock does not require users to complete a KYC when accessing their casino. To get started, users simply connect to their wallet or sign up with an email. By removing these simple barriers of entry, Rollblock has seen an increase in users which has in turn led to a rise in investors purchasing their native RBLK token. RBLK plays a significant role in the ecosystem by rewarding players’ activity while allowing holders to stake in the future for additional rewards. Rollblock has also implemented a revenue share feature which sees a portion of the casinos’ daily profit being used to share profit amongst holders, purchase RBLK back from the open market, and burn it to increase the RBLK token value further.

RBLK tokens will play an important role in the Rollblock ecosystem. Token holders will be granted a share of the platform’s revenue, with up to 30% of Rollblocks revenue used to purchase RBLK in the open market. 50% of these tokens will be used as rewards, and the other 50% will be permanently burned, creating a deflationary token, meaning that investors’ tokens will rise in value just by this practice alone.

RBLK is currently in stage 1 of presale, and is trading at $0.01. The token has sold over 9 million tokens in less than a week, showing positive investor interest. As stated in the project’s tokenomics, there is a fixed supply of 1 billion RBLK with only 60% allocated to the presale. Due to this, some analysts have projected that RBLK could see over 800% rise in value before the end of the presale.

The Rollblock ICO is significant in size

As the native token of the platform built to accommodate the future of the online gaming and casino industry, RBLK is poised to become one of the promising DeFi tokens of 2024. RBLK’s extensive utility, revenue share, and opportunities for token holders give RBLK room for growth. Analysts predict that RBLK has what it takes to become a 100x token over the coming weeks.

For further information about Rollblock, visit the official presale website or join the online community.

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