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Bitcoin and Blockchain used as bio bacteria

Bitcoin around the world and predictions

Traders of bitcoin are sometimes hesitant towards Bitcoins price prediction and technical analyses. This is because bitcoin has gone through, a lot of proven volatility. There are not a lot of crypto enthusiasts venture in circulation to be able to measure the Bitcoin price forecast movement. In the Blockchain industry there are experiences together with the knowledge of the markets and statistics.

According to the data, Bitcoin can be used similarly to how a logarithmic parable pattern in Bio-science operates. People like Goorha thinks that Bitcoin resembles the reproductive patterns that are observed by the bacteria: Lag – Log – station – death algorithms.

In this study, the bacteria are adapted to the conditions of the environment it is present in. Making the bacterias grow exponentially, the bacteria then multiply until it slits into different copies of it themselves. Processes like these that go on in Biology can be programmed into cryptocurrencies for micropayment transactions. These same cycles can be seen in nature with living organisms, which makes some scientists hypothesize that humans can organize themselves in these ways as well.

Bacteria bio-structure may work with bitcoin

The patterns that can be seen in the study of bacteria is programmable in order to use Bitcoins Blockchain potential for micropayment transactions. Bitcoin Traders have been very enthusiastic about having coins that represent a fundamental value that can be traded on an exchange.

The ability to use math, algorithm and formulas and patterns to create a cryptocurrency is exceptional. Some people think that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be compared to the multiplication process of bacteria and that the price will continue to go up in the same way.

People are eager to see the Bitcoin price back at $20,000 per bitcoin again in order to surpass its previous highs and to see the Blockchain space really flourishing. There is another bull-run coming for the cryptocurrency market again, with some predicting it to go to $50,000, others think a price-run upto about $250,000 per bitcoin is well within reach.

What are your opinion on the markets and new innovations coming like these? Feel free to leave a comment down below.

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