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43 Women were Nominated for the Board of Swiss crypto valley Association

Women in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space  

The Association in Switzerland called Crypto Valley has elected two female board members for its leadership positions. The vote is scheduled for September the 20th and has brought a lot of nominees to 43 selected members.  The Females leaders will be co-chairing the working groups while interacting with authorities and organizations. 

Crypto Valley Association, CVA for short, is an active organization in Switzerland working to promote cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology industry. The decision was based on electing two women that would bring a new way of doing things in the male-dominated leadership roles. The CVA’s diversity Taskforce Leeane Abapo mentioned that : 

“We want to create a space that works for everyone rather than just carry on with the same old boy’s club and their cronies. Our objective is to elevate the dynamic women who have contributed to the Crypto valley and to create a stronger, more inclusive ecosystem.”

The company also stated that by electing these women, the association will strengthen through the diversity of perspectives, experiences, and individual skills. The female leaders will be taking on the responsibility of presenting the CVA and Zug’s Crypto Valley at external events.

The expansion of the board 

There will be more members added to the board on a meeting on September the 20th. These positions have brought in a lot of nominations. An election in June elected four previous members, with associations president Oliver Bussmann. However, the election was criticised because of insufficient transparency and no publicity. 

The Crypto Valley Association unites over 1000 representatives in the blockchain and crypto space. These included industries like consultancy, legal experts and journalists, who want to express a political and economic view in Switzerland. In July the CVA supported an initiative by the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA) for short, in order to make the process easier and simpler to open a Banking account for a crypto company.  

What are your thoughts about the election of these members? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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